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hurricane harvey

We have all heard of the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has created and Dallas Cadi Transportation can't just drive around and not do anything about it. Some of our drivers are donating 100% of their tips to the cause, some have donated additional money, we have drivers going to Houston and bringing back families that want to come to Dallas for FREE!

You too can help out! You can donate any amount of money you'd like, even $1 goes a long way! You can donate items that are needed for people in shelters, we will pick them up from your home, business, or anywhere else for FREE. 

Click on the Donate button on the bottom to donate funds, or fill out the form to donate items and have us pick them up. Today you help them, tomorrow they help us.

Fill this form to donate items:

Have a family member in Houston that wants to come to Dallas? We will pick them up and bring them for Free! Send us some information and will will contact you as soon as possible to get everything set up.